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Dirección : Bougainvillea Drive, 00000 Ocho Rí­os
Teléfono : +1 876-470-8139
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“Andy and Jonathan have it all set up so incredibly flawlessly that you have trouble believing that what happens next is really happening. It is like two guys’ attempt at shock and awe on a joyous scale. ”
— Seb Kemp

Welcome to the home of Singletrack Jamaica! Previously SMORBA, we’re the crew that has organized the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival since 2007. We created Singletrack to provide the same great riding and unique cultural experience as the Fat Tyre Festival – on YOUR schedule. Can’t come down the third week in February? No problem. Book a trip with us when you and your friends are free and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Don’t take our word for it. Head to our Media page and take a look at what magazines such as MBUK, Singletrack, Dirt, Spoke and Privateer thought about their adventures. There are also some great videos from Matt Dennison and the video below from Connor Macleod shows what happened when the boys from BC Bike Race unleashed themselves in Jamaica.
But you don’t have to be a pro to experience the thrill of great riding in an exotic location. Get in touch, book a ticket and get yourself here!


“These trails are of the vey best kind; traditional routes each with its own history built to serve a very practical purpose – yet seemingly crafted with an understanding of two wheels.”
— Rowan Sorrell

Jamaica is NOT flat. At 7,402 feet, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest in the English speaking Caribbean. And all that elevation is gained in less than 10 miles giving Jamaica one of the steepest general gradients on the planet. Its called mountain biking for a reason…
In addition to steep terrain there are a number of other factors that make riding in Jamaica such a unique experience. The first is the varied terrain. Soft and loamy, rocky and rooty, mud, sand, rotten mangoes, you name it, you’ll ride it – oftentimes on the same trail. We call it “Jamaican technical” and its like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Or maybe more appropriately, its like everything you’ve ever experienced – in one place.
The second thing that makes riding in Jamaica unforgettable is the fact that Jamaican trails are living, breathing things. Most have been around hundreds of years as generations of Jamaicans have used them to walk within and between communities. They are literally the arteries of rural Jamaica and you’ll ride past goats, cows, donkeys, farmers, kids (LOTS of kids), churchgoers, and little old ladies. You’ll see grocery shops, houses and rum bars. LOTS of rum bars – and we’ll stop at more than a few. You will be IN Jamaica – literally.
Lastly there is the music. No matter where you are and how far in the bush you think you’ve reached, you can ALWAYS hear music chinking out of some sound system somewhere. Jamaicans are some of the most “music-est” people on earth and it makes for an unforgettable ride.
Generally speaking, Singletrack Jamaica’s rides are of the ‘all-mountain’ or ‘enduro’ variety. We love to go down and are willing to suffer as much as it takes going up in order to make that happen. We shuttle to the top when we can, but more often than not, it simply isn’t possible and we end up earning our descents.

“The sun, beaches and the rum had me loving it before my bike was even out of the box. When we did hit the trails the riding was a mixture of uphill and technical downhill, which was perfect for some pre-season riding. Our rides took us through small villages, beautiful vistas and even a waterfall. It was just all so perfect”
— Thomas Vanderham

Some of our main riding areas and trails include:

-Coke Bottles
-Rivers of Babylon
-Jellied Eel
-Irie Fm
-Melt Down
-Trench Town
-Murray Mint

-John Crow Gully
-Pressure Drop
-Carlton Pass
-Kill Hill
-This Sucks Until It Doesn’t

-Triple Bypass
-Money or Boots
-Farm Trail
-Happy Gate
-Downpipe Gully
-Blue Mtn. Peak
There really is something for everyone.

“I quietly hiked my way back to the top, as I had to hit it up one more time. A sublime trail. There’s absolutely nothing more to say about it. ”
— Rowan Sorrell


“Jamaican’s are some of the most warm hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They smile openly and they laugh heartily, either at you or with you.”
— Seb Kemp

People often come here saying they want to see the ‘real’ Jamaica. Well, we can guarantee you it doesn’t get any ‘realer’ than a week with Singletrack Jamaica. The nature of the trails themselves puts you in intimate contact with local communities in a way that 99.9% of tourists would never have a chance of seeing. But more importantly, Singletrack Jamaica excursions are designed to highlight the thing that truly does make Jamaica ‘real’ and different than anything you could get anywhere else – the joyous hospitality of Jamaicans themselves.

“The idea that somebody would come out of their house and give you help because you needed it… wow… I think its amazing and I think its a testament to the heart and soul of the Jamaican people. ”
— Jay Hoots

Whether its at a trail side stop, chatting with Sanchez on the trail, hanging at beach bar after a ride, or simply laughing with Norval and Martin on a shuttle ride, you’ll experience first hand how truly remarkable ‘real’ Jamaicans REALLY are.
Of course, you’ll also immerse yourself in all the other things Jamaica has to offer: great food, great rum, Red Stripe, beaches, sun, sand and more fun than should be allowed. Every step of the way you’ll have a true Jamaican experience that has not been mediated or ‘tourist-ified’.

“Jamaica has all the ingredients for a magical and unforgettable mountain biking experience for me. All you have to do is feel the good vibrations of the island’s atmosphere and you’re there”
— Kathy Pruitt


“Is this really happening? I have caught myself saying that several times on this Jamaican adventure. Is it possible to have this much fun? Apparently it is. Good music, good people and Jamaican flare are the recipe. ”
— Katrina Strand

We can work with you to create a custom package that suits your needs. Booked your hotel and simply want to get in a day of riding? We can sort you out. Want to spend a couple days riding great trails and then head to a different part of the island for some sea, sun and sand? We can help with that as well. Want to spend an entire week with some friends slaying trails during the day and indulging in an adult beverage or two at night? We’ve got you covered.

Our basic rates are as follows:

  • US$100/day/rider for trail access and guide. Yes you need a guide. Ask ANYONE that’s been mountain biking in Jamaica and they’ll tell you the same. Seriously. This is not a scheme to extract more money from you. Trails are not marked and many run through private property. Its a fantastic experience, but you’ll need to go with one of us.
  • US$50/day for bike rental. Technically, we don’t have any rental bikes, but we’ve given in to the demand and now rent out our personal rides. Hello Santa Cruz Butcher! We have one Large and one Medium.
  • Other items that will have to be costed on a case to case basis are: transport to/from hotel to trail head, shuttles, and any extras you might want (i.e.: food on the trail, etc). We’re pretty reasonable and are not out to gouge you.

We also offers complete “all-inclusive” packages starting at US$240/rider/day. This includes:
-Accommodation each night;
-Ground transport from airport to hotel via Jamaica Tours Ltd. shuttle;
-3 meals per day;
-All ground transport for riders and bicycles to/from accommodation and trail head;
-On trail guide for each ride;

This does not include:
-Airfare to Jamaica;
-Unlimited adult beverages

Whether you are in for a day, or in for a week, fill out the quick form below to give us a shout and we can begin sorting things out for you.


The Fat Tyre Festival is Jamaica’s longest running mountain bike event. Started in the mid-1990’s as a development activity of Rusty’s Xcellent Adventures in Negril, the Singletrack crew has been running things since 2007.
Our 2016 event was another tremendous success! We expect 2017 to be much the same. If you want a bit more information about what we’ll be up to, take a look at the tentative 2017 itinerary below. Dates are likely to be February 18-25. However, exact dates ARE YET TO BE CONFIRMED. We usually do so in September each year. If you are interested in booking a spot, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get you on the mailing list. We don’t open registration until September.
Of course, if February isn’t a good time of year for you to ride, hail us up and we’ll be happy to put together a custom package for you and some friends!

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