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Dirección : Kayaking Puerto Rico PO Box 251 Puerto Real, P.R. 00740
Teléfono : Bio Bay Excursions: 787-435-1665 Aquafari “Kayak & Snorkel” Excursions: 787-245-4545 Mini Boat Island Hop & Snorkel: 787-244-2828 Fax: 787-655-9461
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Kayaking Puerto Rico is a young, innovative Puerto Rican adventure company specializing in recreational and environmentally oriented kayaking snorkeling excursions off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. KPR is directed by certified tour guides and nature enthusiasts; Percy Rier and Dalberto Arce. They both have a combined experience of over 16 years in the industry of eco-tourism and have independent studies in business administration, marine biology and environmental sciences.
Percy and Dalberto spent over 3 years exploring Snorkeling and Kayaking venues all over Puerto Rico before traveling with clients. Soon it was obvious…the “Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserved, where Seven Seas Bay is located on the secluded Northeast corner of the Island, (with protected, snorkeling grounds teeming with marine life and ringed by one of the most breathtakingly stunning trio of beaches on the Island) was to be where the KPR partners would launch their fledgling eco excursions business. Additionally, at this very special part of Puerto Rico, is found the Bio-luminescent “Laguna Grande”. In 2007, KPR began offering kayaking excursions to this phenomenal site, becoming their most popular excursion!
In their quest for showcasing the pinnacle of Puerto Rican kayaking and snorkeling, the company inaugurated in 2009, “Aquafari Culebra” a fascinating Kayaking and Snorkeling excursion that allows guests to explore one of the most vibrant and life filled underwater nature reserves in the Caribbean, thus re-confirming KPR’s slogan…”The Best Kayaking And Snorkeling, Period!”.
Not resting on their laurels, Percy and Dalberto took a great step on 2010, with the take off of their biggest project yet. Mini Boat Adventures! The only adventure of its kind in Puerto Rico where you will have the opportunity to captain your own 40 Horse Power inflatable MINI BOAT in an excursion across the uninhabited cays and white sand beaches of Puerto Rico’s eastern coast! Visit www.miniboatadventures.com for more information about our New Island Hop and Snorkel Mini Boat Adventure!
At Kayaking Puerto Rico we absolutely LOVE what we do! We love to get to know our customers, we love to make them smile, we love to create lifetime experiences, and we love above everything else, to make them fall in love with Puerto Rico! Click here and find out Why we are the Best Kayaking and Snorkeling operator in Puerto Rico!
From the outset, Percy and Dalberto, knew that their adventuresome visitors would enjoy the natural beauty of the protected reserves of the East Coast; but they wanted their excursions to showcase additional qualities of what Puerto Rico, its friendly people and heritage, have to offer. “People who come on our excursions will find themselves dancing on the beach, or body painting ancient Taino inspired symbols on each other, and before the trip is over, many new friends have been made”, says Dalberto, “in addition to the unparalleled snorkeling and kayaking experience, we want to leave our visitors with a new appreciation and understanding of Puerto Rican culture and traditions”.
Kayaking Puerto Rico strives to give back to our surroundings both socially and environmentally. Our organization respects and understands the importance of our natural resources; therefore, ensuring their protection is one of our primary commitments. We put great effort towards the conservation of our environment and contribute to the education of preserving the wellbeing of our natural wonderland here on the East Coast of Puerto Rico.
Want to help? Join us in our periodically scheduled Beach Clean-ups!
Awards & Recognitions
KPR wins the 2008 Quality and Excellence Award in the category of Tour Operators.
Kayaking Puerto Rico counts with a team of well-trained, professional tour guides; ALL CPR and First Aid certified. Our tour guides will always provide you with detailed safety instructions prior to any activity.
Before snorkeling, the first thing our Instructors/Guides do with any participant is to administer a “swim test”. This “test” merely demonstrates your comfort level in the water. If a participant appears uncomfortable at all, Instructor/Guides will pay special attention to you while in the water. Non-swimming participants are provided with extra buoyancy and extra supervision. KPR Staff specializes in encouraging unsure swimmers, through patience and care, to become reasonably confident snorkelers. After your “swim test”, participants are shown the proper technique for fitting their snorkel gear.
While on the water, KPR staff will direct you through safe routes and will keep an eye on you for any unforseen dangers in the water. They will also carry with them all necessary safety equipment, such as: First Aid Kits, whistles, extra PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device), Binoculars, VHF Radio and Cell Phones; allowing you to feel safe and relaxed while enjoying of one the best days of your vacation.
Even those who aren’t gifted swimmers can still come along and have a great time. All of our guests are provided with U.S coast guard approved life jackets. Some guests may choose to leave their lifejackets on while snorkeling, thus eliminating the issue of swimming.
We have a wide variety of fins and masks in stock to fit all snorkelers. The buddy system is used in all of our snorkeling excursions. A novice or apprehensive snorkeler is usually paired with a more experienced buddy or with a Guide/Instructor. Our Guides are all “Lifeguard Certified” and most also have years of experience in the water, with boats and people in aquatic situations.
Ocean kayaks are a safe and fun way to travel. To make your adventure with us complete, before we head out we will spend a few minutes reviewing deep water kayak entry and exit as well as reviewing kayak and snorkeling etiquette. Our lead kayak is equipped with first aid supplies, GPS, spares and communications gear on all of our adventures.


  • Aquafari Culebra

Without a doubt the Culebra Aquafari is one of our most Impressive Excursions. The clearest waters, pristine beaches and a variety of sea life that will amaze!
excursion cost is $65 and $69 Paddle your way along Puerto Rico’s Kayaking and Snorkeling mecca; the world famous crystal clear waters, and white sand coastlines of Culebra Island.
Start off this magnificent journey at unspoiled Tamarindo Beach located on the west coast of Culebra. Following complete pre ride instructions; join your KPR guides as you paddle over the calm, turtle frequented waters of the Luis Pena Marine Reserve. Along the way, enjoy the breathtaking views of Culebra’s deserted cays, and the vast marine fauna.
Concluding the 30-minute paddle across the Marine Reserve, get ready to explore the underwater world as you jump out of your kayaks to discover some of the most amazing marine life in the Caribbean! Join your KPR eco guides as you swim among schools of colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral formations!
Immediately after the fully guided snorkeling, it is time to grab your paddles once again and experience kayaking along the reserve’s craggy shoreline, towering over the coral gardens below.
Your KPR guides will then lead the small group to a completely secluded, world class – white sand beach, located on the north coast of the reserve for an unrushed break complimented by light snacks and cold refreshments. At the beach enjoy as our eco guides open your eyes to Culebra’s fascinating history and untouched ecosystems in a unique, intimate, small group setting. A second, fully guided snorkeling session off the beach will then take place at a spectacular coral reef; before heading back to Tamarindo Beach.

  • Bio-Bay

Duration: 2 hours
Available from Monday through Saturday Only
Launch Site: Las Croabas, Fajardo.
Skill Level: Adults and children (6 years and up)
Light Snacks, water and refreshments served.
An adventure not to be missed while in Puerto Rico! Join this fully guided night trip into one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the world! Paddle your way through the mystical mangrove channels leading to “Laguna Grande.” There, you will meet our glowing friends, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand!
Explore these amazing organisms up close as our professional eco guides take you to discover all its secrets. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life, and what you can do to protect such a special place.
Our famous 2 hour bio bay kayak tour includes interesting interpretations about the reserve fragile ecology, star constellations, and a fascinating encounter with billions of bioluminescent organisms. Watch how every stroke of your paddle leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light, and fish light up their path like shooting stars in the water. The adventure to Laguna Grande can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Mini-Boat Tour

Experience the Snorkeling Adventure Tour of a lifetime as you pilot your own 13′ inflatable MINI BOAT along the uninhabited cays and stunning beaches of Fajardo, Puerto Rico’s eastern coast!

Home base: Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo. (Northeastern Puerto Rico)
Duration: 3.5 hours
One beach stop and one snorkeling session.
Each Mini Boat is equipped with a cooler filled with snacks and refreshments!
Check In: 8:30am (Morning Tour) and 1:00pm (Afternoon Tour) Reservations Required!
Maximum Per Mini Boat: 4 guests (weight limit 300 lbs p/p – 700 lbs total per boat)
Minimum Age: 6 years for children, Mini Boat Captains must be 18 years of age

Join us in this one of a kind aquatic adventure! That’s because no one else in Puerto Rico offers “Skipper yourself” Mini Boat, Snorkeling Day Trips! With a certified guide leading the way, you captain your own 13″ inflatable boat across the beautiful crystal clear waters of Eastern Puerto Rico, stopping at stunning, small, uninhabited islands with incredible white sand beaches. Later, sail along the “La Cordillera” Cays Nature Reserve, for a snorkeling excursion that you will never forget!
Home Base – Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
The “Island Hop & Snorkel Adventure” Mini Boat tour begins on the docks of the “blue flag” “Puerto Chico” Marina where your Mini Boat guides await you. Before launching, each “Captain” and crew will receive complete pre-ride instructions and safety orientation before boarding your fully equipped MINI BOATS.
Ladies & Gentlemen… Start your engines!
The fun begins as we clear the breakwater of Puerto Chico Marina, heading North, Northeast along the bluffs of the “Las Cabezas de San Juan” Nature Reserve toward our first destination, the uninhabited Icacos Cay. Along the way, you’ll enjoy vistas of the mountains of the “El Yunque” Rainforest, the Mangrove-lined coast and Fajardo’s 130-year-old Spanish lighthouse.
Cayo Icacos – Snorkeling at its Best!
After a brisk 30 minute cruise, we arrive at Icacos Cay. Icacos is one of a string of cays which form the Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve. While in Icacos, “Island Hoppers” will get acquainted with their snorkeling gear and practice free diving techniques in preparation for some of the most fascinating snorkeling experiences in Puerto Rico! Discover spectacular coral reef formations, swim among schools of colorful tropical fish, and learn about the wonders of the underwater world, while snorkeling with our professional eco guides.
After a swim, snacks and refreshments can be found in coolers provided in each Mini Boat.
Isla Palominitos- Snorkeling, Swimming &Beach Exploration
After about and hour in Icacos, if marine conditions allow*, we embark once again and set course along the Island chain to jaw dropping “Isla de Palominitos”. As seen on the Holywood Film “Pirates of the Carribean 4” , this small Island surrounded by coral reefs features incredible turquoise water, pure white sand beaches and a lovely view back to the mainland. During your visit to Palominitos our guides will take time to interpret the natural history of the reserve, explain the surrounding scenery and guide you through another fun filled snorkeling session!
Back to Puerto Chico Marina
Concluding our time in Palominitos, we board our MINI BOATS once more for the journey home to Marina Puerto Chico. There you can check out our souvenir shop, along with your picture from your first Mini Boat Adventure voyage!

  • Bio Bay and Rainforest

Puerto Rico’s Greatest Nature Attractions in One Day!
Experience Puerto Rico’s most popular nature attractions in one day, while saving BIG with this full day package! Kayaking Puerto Rico has teamed up with Fine Line Excursions to give you the opportunity of combining Puerto Rico’s top activities; an interpretive guided tour to El Yunque Rainforest and a fascinating Eco Kayak Adventure to Fajardo’s Bio Bay!
For this Bio Bay & Rain Forest Combo Tour Kayaking Puerto Rico will provide the Bio Bay portion of the excursion, and Fine Line Excursions will provide Round Trip Transportation and the Rainforest portion.

Duration: 9 hours
Skill Level: Adults and children (6 years and up)
Excursion not recommended for guests that are pregnant, with knee, hip or back problems, heart conditions, or guests that have had recent surgery
Water available throughout the day
Light Snacks and Refreshments (after the Bio Bay Kayak Tour)
Stop for Dinner (not included in the price, read details below)
Round Trip Transportation Included
Click here for Trip Itinerary

What to bring

Towels and change of dry clothes
Close-toed shoes that can get wet (sneakers or water shoes)
Comfortable hiking clothes that can get wet (bathing suits are a must)
We recommend bringing a poncho or rain-jacket for the rainy season (May- October)
Money for dinner
Bio Bay:
Comfortable clothes that can get wet (recommend a bathing suit)
Shoes that can get wet (flip flops are fine)
Towel and change of clothes for after the excursion
DO NOT BRING VALUABLES OR ANYTHING THAT CANNOT GET WET – lost items will be very hard to find in the water at night, and anything you take with you will get wet!

We start off at “El Portal Visitor Center”, known as “The Gateway to the Forest” which features a short informative film about the forest, we shall stop at “La Coca Falls” also known as “The Fountain of Youth” by Juan Ponce de Leon, and enjoy a 360 view of the forest at the “Yocahu” Observation tower. This Hiking Tour Explores two different trails and hike through three different levels of the forest. We follow the “La Mina” river making it’s way to the falls. Next up is the “Big Tree” with towering trees dating back 300 years!
The hike to La Mina Falls is .7miles downhill and .7miles uphill, a total of 1.4 miles. The hike to La Mina is considered moderate to strenuous; therefore, guests should be in good physical health.
Dinner Stop – Puerto Rican Style
After the Rainforest Hiking tour through “El Yunque” National Forest we will board the bus descending from the mountains, and head for a delicious dinner featuring authentic Puerto Rican style cooking.
Average cost $12 to $14 per person
For your entrée you will have the choice of chicken, fish, steak or pork to go along with rice and beans, plantains, green salad and soft drink. Vegetarian meal option is available. Your tour guide will ask for the food order on the day of the tour. We will have yummy local food options. Lunch and gratuities are not included in Tour prices.
Bio Bay “Laguna Grande” Kayak Tour in Fajardo
An adventure not to be missed while in Puerto Rico! Join this fully guided night trip into one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the world! Paddle your way through the mystical mangrove channels leading to “Laguna Grande.” There, you will meet our glowing friends, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand!
Approximate Hotel Pick up Times*:
Condado Area (10:00-10:15am)
San Juan Area (10:15-10:30am)
Ocean Park (10:25-10:35am)
Isla Verde (10:30-10:45am)
Rio Grande (11:00am)
Fajardo (10:30am)
*You will receive pre-assigned pick up location and approximate pick up time on your confirmation e-mail.
*We provide roundtrip transportation from pre-assigned locations close to all major hotels and guesthouses in the San Juan area and North Eastern Puerto Rico.
Trips are subject to change
One of the things that we enjoy the most about our trips is that everyday on the water, in the rainforest or anywhere in Puerto Rico, is a different experience. According to the specific weather conditions for any given day a trip may vary slightly from our advertised offerings. On these rare occasions our tour guides will select the route that they believe will be the most fun and enjoyable for the whole group. Some days a given trip may do an additional stop beyond what is advertised, at the same time, that trip may do one less stop than what is advertised. For that reason, we encourage you to choose your trips based on the rough descriptions provided here on our website and simply trust us to provide you with a wonderful experience.

  • Surfing Lessons

Surfing Puerto Rico Adventures offers visitors and locals alike the opportunity to learn to surf by taking surfing lessons in Puerto Rico at “La Pared” beach in the coastal town of Luquillo. Our Surfing Lessons are designed for Beginner and Intermediate surfers from ages 8 and up.
All Surfing Puerto Rico Surf Lessons start in the sand of “La Pared” Beach in Luquillo covering ocean awareness, safety, and proper surf technique. After we get the technique down, we get you right into the surf for a rush of wind and waves. No worries, our licensed instructors are La Pared locals and are all trained in first aid and lifeguard CPR. Once in the water, we show you how to read the waves, position your take off, and the etiquette of wave riding. Whether you’re a one-on-one type or you prefer fun with friends, our customized lessons are built to make your adventure on the waves one to remember.
Your own personal PRO soft-top Surf Board
30 minute Land Lesson
1.5 hour Water Lesson
Fresh Local Snacks and Hydration
Digital Photo Album of your Experience
And Lots of FUN!
Rash Guards are Available for sale at the SPR Truck
Fresh Water Showers
Our Lessons fit into any schedule. Located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, the two hour session allows you to keep discovering more of our beautiful island. Whether you want to Surf in the morning and rinse off on the Rainforest, get on a Snorkel tour or a Bio Bay Adventure, Surfing La Pared makes the most out of your day.
Sessions are Monday through Saturday with Morning and Afternoon times available.
$60 per person
$55 per person groups of 8 or more

  • Group Tours

We make it fun for groups to enjoy Puerto Rico’s amazing, Aquatic World!
KPR is Puerto Rico’s leading aquatic excursion operator with years of experience managing the details of every sort of group trip – from planning, transportation and logistics, to gear, equipment and delicious meals. We make it easy for your group to enjoy the trip, knowing everything has been taken care of seamlessly.
Whether you are planning a recreational half-day tour, a full-day excursion, or a once-in-a-lifetime Bio Bay adventure; Kayaking Puerto Rico will provide your guests with an exciting and unforgettable experience.
Explore the amazing northeastern coastline of Puerto Rico and its’ coastal islands, as you discover close up views of shore birds, hidden beaches, crystal clear snorkeling waters and historic lighthouses. Our kayak trips are designed for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. Our equipment is state of the art and all of our tour staffers are trained, professional guides offering truly dedicated and knowledgeable leadership.
Our Aquatic Group Excursions are perfect for:
-Family Reunions
-Birthday celebrations (Quinceañeros)
-Bachelor Party Trips
-Bachelorette Party Trips
-Annual Anniversary Group Trips
-Church Groups
-Youth Mission Trips
-Club Trips
-Class Outings and Reunions
-Scout Trips
-Corporate Team Building Trips
-Employee Incentive and Reward Trips
Meals and Snacks
We provide light snacks on our kayaking trips, including Island-grown, fresh tropical fruits, snacks and cold beverages. If you have a particular snack food that you enjoy, or are the type of person who needs to snack regularly while active, you are welcome to bring your own snacks, etc.
Round Trip Transportation available
KPR can provide round trip transportation for groups originating from all metro San Juan area hotels, as well as locations throughout the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico. Group rates are available.
We offer a selection of group kayaking excursions.

  • Our Sea World

Culebra Island
Without a doubt Culebra Island is our most impressive Snorkeling / Kayak Excursion! The Island boasts the clearest waters, pristine beaches and a variety of sea life that will amaze!
Culebra is one of a group of islands off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, known as the Spanish Virgin Islands. The Island’s beaches, including our launch site Tamarindo Bay, are among the most beautiful in the world.
Culebra is an archipelago consisting of the main island and twenty-three smaller islands that lie off its coast. One of the largest of these cays, “Cayo Luis Peña” is a Nature Reserve, and it’s in these waters that you will experience world class snorkeling in crystal clear waters abundant with amazing sea life, not seen anywhere else in Puerto Rico. Water visibility on a typical day can exceed 100 feet and more!
During a typical Culebra snorkeling session you might spot a Sea Turtle gliding through stunning coral gardens, or come across a fabulous school of fish. Rays, lobsters, a mind-boggling array of fish species and Turtles…did we mention turtles? It’s a rare day when our snorkeling guests don’t see turtles!
Our Culebra Aquafari, unquestionably will provide the most diverse and spectacular underwater experiences for the adventuresome visitors to Puerto Rico!
Bioluminescent “Laguna Grande” (Great Lagoon)
Imagine the blackness of the sea on a moonless night. Now watch it sparkle with the darting lights of a million fireflies. Nature lovers will not want to miss the phenomenal experience of visiting a tropical Bioluminescent Lagoon! Located in the town of Fajardo, in the heart of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, this peaceful lagoon locally known as Fajardo’s “Bio Bay”, is one of Puerto Rico’s greatest natural treasures!
The bioluminescence is generated by zillions of microscopic organisms in the water known as Pyrodinium Bahamense. It is believed to be part of a natural defense system triggered by the movement of predators. Many scientists believe the tiny organisms light up so their predators such as crustaceans and other baitfish are exposed to the sight of bigger fish – thus leaving them alone.
The phenomenon occurs sporadically in warm seas around the world, but Puerto Rico is one of the only places on the planet where the bioluminescent display is dependable all year round! Click here for details of KPR’s Puerto Rico Bio Bay tours and excursions.
Seven Seas Bay…A Nature Lover’s Paradise!
Unquestionably one of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse bays in Puerto Rico. Las Cabezas Bay also known as Seven Seas Bay is located in between two of the most valuable natural reserves in Puerto Rico. Las Cabezas bay is known for its calm emerald clear waters protected by a long coral reef (1 mile in length) that serves as a wave breaker 800 meters offshore. The average ocean temperature is 81ºF.
The calm relaxing waters of the bay are ideal for kayaking all year round and the coral reefs in the center provides us with many spectacular snorkeling destinations ideal for all skill levels.
Marine Life
When snorkeling in Culebra, you are likely to find tropical flora and fauna that easily eclipse the most beautiful aquarium you have ever seen. Swim amoung tame sea life, marvel at the variety of coral formations, spot sea horses, unusual arrow crabs, colorful parrot fish, and octopus, among the endless schools of blue tangs and other colorful reef fish.
Bird Watching
A destination for migratory birds as well as the home for endangered species, Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is an ideal location to observe dozens of remarkable birds in their native habitat. With its unique Caribbean location, Puerto Rico has drawn on the biologic diversity of North, South and Central America.
Great Heron in the mangroves
Puerto Rico’s extensive coastline and small offshore islands make ideal roosts for pelagic birds. There are a total of 349 species of birds on the Island. Among the Sea Birds diving for fish, you’ll see Pelicans, Osprey, Comorants and Frigate Birds. The two large lagoons in each Natural Reserve bracketing Seven Seas host hundreds of marine bird nesting colonies.
Within the island’s forests, birders can hope to see the delightful little Tody (locally called ‘San Pedrito’), the unique Puerto Rican Lizard Eating Cuckoo and the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot (of which only 40 remain alive in a few hidden areas of El Yunque rain forest).
Fajardo Light House
The Fajardo Lighthouse, located within the reserve, is one of many lighthouses built by the Spanish in the 19th century around the perimeter of Puerto Rico. This one is a jewel, both for its setting and the care with which it was restored a few years ago by the Conservation Trust.
In addition to visiting the small nature center on the lower level of the Fajardo Lighthouse, be sure to climb the antique iron staircase to the observation deck. The view of the 316-acre preserve with El Yunque towering behind it is extraordinary. Even more breathtaking is the seeming endless expanse of sea, dotted with islets and far off islands.
The Fajardo Lighthouse is usually open to the public Friday through Sunday. Reservations are required (787) 722-5882 or (787) 860-2560 on weekends.

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